At AES, we believe that civil engineering can transform the mobility and the living environment for the betterment of its users. We bring this philosophy in our core practice areas of Civil Engineering, Transportation Planning and Engineering, Structural Design, Construction Management, and Surveying. We provide a nurturing environment for our staff to flourish and thrive in every professional capacity.


For over a decade, AES has built a client portfolio that includes state and local government agencies, tollways, airports and railroads, commercial developers, and institutions. We have enjoyed continued growth with services including planning, design, and construction management of major infrastructure projects throughout the Midwest. Our recent success with the Illinois and Indiana Departments of Transportation, Illinois Tollway, City of Chicago, and Cook County has allowed us to strengthen our planning and pre-engineering, Phase I, and Phase II capabilities. With the addition of our extensive Phase III experience for the Illinois Tollway, we are proud to be truly multi-disciplinary and a full-service consulting firm.


We look to the future with a vision of integrated solutions, project management approach that focuses on anticipating and addressing the problems, developing solutions, and leading the teams on complex projects in all our service areas. As an organization, our approach to providing professional services includes a commitment to evolving with technological advances and recognizing the importance of interdisciplinary expertise to provide a value-added advantage.


A passionate and diverse group of professionals, our associates bring a progressive-thinking approach to our projects. They are given the flexibility to apply their talents to solve engineering problems of a unique nature that are entrusted upon us. Our professionals work toward a common goal of building a consistent reputation of diligence and hard work.


AES is a Certified DBE/MBE firm with the following agencies:


• State of Indiana – DBE/MBE

• City of Chicago – DBE/MBE

• State of Illinois – MBE

• State of Texas – DBE




Welcome to AES Services, Inc. Civil Engineering is one of those rare professions in which each project brings about a new challenge, requiring a depth of technical understanding while demanding a broad view of the context. In my 20+ years of engineering practice, both in an office environment and ‘out in the field,’ I have come to appreciate the amazing ingenuity of my colleagues for successfully developing and delivering non- conventional solutions to unique engineering problems, thus providing a great service not only to our clients but also to the engineering profession by expanding its knowledge base. However, I have also learned the importance of communication and a desire to work towards a common goal, without which the   best-laid ideas would not come to fruition. With this realization, my every intent is to instill the pursuit of collaboration through communication and mutual respect in my associates at AES. At the same time, continuous enhancement in technical skill and expertise is paramount in this rapidly evolving industry, which we all aspire to attain here at AES by constantly engaging in learning and embracing innovative ideas with an open mind. This philosophy has served us well in delivering quality work products to our clients in a timely, cost-effective fashion.