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AES has a wide-range of traffic engineering experience, including modeling, roadway safety, traffic calming, access and parking management, and data collection. The AES team provides outstanding traffic engineering services that are timely, complete and competitive in the following areas:


• Traffic and Pedestrian Counts and  Traffic Flow Studies

• Intersection Design Studies

• Warrant Analysis and Studies

• Signal Timing, Phasing Studies and Design

• Signal Modernization Plans

• Capacity Analysis of Freeways and Arterial Streets

• Bike Lane and Bike Sharing Facility and Siting Analyses

• Intelligent Transportation Systems

• Weigh-In-Motion Facilities

• Smart Corridors

• Connected Vehicles


AES owns a plethora of Traffic Data Collection Equipment that meets the requirements of FHWA 13 classification. This equipment includes:


• 225 Nu-Metric Hi-Star NC-97 units

• 40 Peek ADR-1000 units

• 20 Jamar TDC-8 units

• 40 RT/5C 1100-P units

• 8 Miovision units