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AES has extensive expertise in the areas of transportation engineering and planning. This experience, having been performed on a wide variety of projects for numerous clients includes the following services:


• Travel Demand Modeling

• Traffic Impact Studies

• Access Management

• Corridor Studies

• Feasibility Studies and Value Engineering

• Highway and Traffic Safety

• Signal Timings, Coordination, and Optimization

• Simulation Modeling (Multimodal, 2D and 3D)

• Speed Studies

• Parking Studies

• Neighborhood Traffic Studies

• Pedestrian, Bike, and Multi-Use Routes (Planning and Design)

• Fixed-Route and Demand-Responsive Transit Service Analyses

• Transit Station Planning and Design

• Roadway Design (Arterial, Freeway, Tollway)

• Intersection/Interchange Improvement Studies

• Barrier Warrant Analysis

• Signing, Marking, and Lighting Plans

• IDS and Traffic Signal Design

• Construction Phasing and MOT Plans

• Airfield Design

• Context Sensitive Design